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How Bright is Just Right?

Ambient light is one of the biggest challenges for church projectors to overcome. So, how bright is just right? Ambient light, or light from sources that cannot be controlled, is one of the biggest challenges for church projectors to overcome. Brighter projectors generally cost more money than those with lower lumen outputs. The goal most churches strive for is finding the right balance between budget and brightness.

A Lumen is a Lumen
Indeed a lumen is a lumen, however, in some cases you may find that a manufacturer provides lumen specifications that are either optimistic or conservative. Our Projector Experts see the majority of the projectors that we sell in action, and are a good resource for determining projectors that shine brighter than they spec. The good news is, you might be able to get a brighter projector for the money than you expect.

Less Ambient Light
If you have the ability to dim, or eliminate light that enters a room (i.e. closing doors or using blinds on the windows, you should be able to follow typical lighting recommendations (as seen in our profiles area) without hesitation.

Some Ambient Light
If your windows are far enough away that they don't produce ambient light on the screen surface, you can also use our guidelines (as seen in our profiles area) as a reference. It would be wiser to err on the high side of the recommendations, if your budget allows.

Bright Ambient Light
If sunlight or indoor lighting reaches your projector screen, you may find yourself in a battle for brightness. Washed out images will occur when the two lights collide, making it difficult for people to clearly see the text or images on the screen. In these situations, a "stackable" projector may be your best option. Using two projectors together may save you some money over larger, heavier projectors. Ask a Projector Expert if stacking a projector is right for you.

Still have questions? Contact a Projector Expert today for personalized advice, and to receive special church discounts on select projectors.

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